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Cosmetic Dentistry

Teeth Whitening

Adelaide Dental by Design offers patients cosmetic tooth whitening.

If you want whiter teeth – just ask!  The teeth whitening or bleaching processes used by our cosmetic dentists are safe, effective and painless.

Continual exposure to substances such as tea, coffee, wine and cigarette smoke can cause yellowing and staining of teeth. Sometimes though people are just born with darker teeth and would like to see them whiter. In other cases, teeth may have been discoloured during development in ways that are not amenable to bleaching procedures. Your dentist can advise on alternative treatment options.

Customised home whitening kit

The home whitening kit consists of custom made night time bleaching trays (very thin comfortable mini plastic mouth guards) fitted by the cosmetic dentists, professional whitening gel and detailed whitening instructions.

A specially formulated bleaching gel is applied to the tray, which is worn at home for a period as prescribed by the dentist. Usually you can begin to see the results after the first couple of nights.

On completion of initial whitening treatment the same level of whiteness can be maintained by repeating the process for approximately 3-4 days as advised by your dentist.