Adelaide Dental by design

Keeping your smile healthy

Our team of trained professionals at Adelaide dental by design is an integral part of our practice and are concerned for keeping your smile healthy. Our hygiene department offers a high level in patient care through appropriate dental treatment, patient education and personalized dental maintenance and preventive programs.

Good oral health is important to your overall well being. Promoting health through preventive dentistry and education is the heart of our practice. Ensuring optimal oral health requires a team effort, where your role and commitment is key to success.

Our dental hygienists are licensed dental professionals who specialize in preventive care. Cleanings, x-rays, preventive sealants, scaling, root planning’s and oral hygiene education are amongst the procedures frequently performed by a hygienist. The hygienist will teach correct brushing and flossing techniques and recommend oral hygiene products to suit your needs.

Your hygiene appointment includes:

  • Evaluation of your health
  • Examination of your teeth and gums
  • Meticulous cleaning and polishing of teeth above and below gum level
  • Assessment and treatment recommendations for oral conditions such as bad breath and dry mouth
  • Application of decay preventing agents if required
  • Taking of radiographs if required for diagnostic purposes
  • Instruction on correct brushing and flossing if required
  • Outline of a personalized oral hygiene program with recommended 3, 6 or 12 monthly visits, recommended future treatment and referral for specific treatment if required

Customised Payment Plans

At Adelaide dental by design we can customise various payment options to suit individual circumstances following development of your treatment plan. Feel free to discuss this at your appointment.

A flexible funding plan specifically designed for the payment of dental plans may be available through: