Adelaide Dental by design

At Adelaide dental by design we rarely use “silver” coloured fillings, rather we routinely use a variety of tooth coloured fillings. Tooth coloured restorations are not only strong and durable but look like natural teeth.

There are different types of tooth coloured fillings;

Porcelain fillings inlays and onlays

At Adelaide dental by design we use the latest in state-of-art digital dentistry to produce chair side customized fillings. This technology scans the prepared tooth by taking a series of photographs and, using sophisticated software and milling, a porcelain restoration can be produced in one appointment.

A porcelain filling looks like a natural tooth, is extremely durable and fits precisely. Unsightly amalgams or “silver” fillings can also be replaced with porcelain fillings in one visit.

Composite fillings

Composite resin material may be used for tooth coloured fillings, to restore a chipped tooth or for smaller restorations. They are available in various shades and are bonded to the prepared tooth to match your own. This procedure normally takes one visit.

Customised Payment Plans

At Adelaide dental by design we can customise various payment options to suit individual circumstances following development of your treatment plan. Feel free to discuss this at your appointment.

A flexible funding plan specifically designed for the payment of dental plans may be available through: