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Adelaide Dental by Design’s team offers porcelain crowns that meet the highest cosmetic and functional standards. If you require extensive restoration due to a fracture, aggressive wear, or decay, we recommend porcelain crowns as the best solution.

A crown is an artificial cover that encompasses the entire tooth and is suitable for any tooth. Our all-ceramic crowns provide highly aesthetic restoration while ensuring the long-term health of damaged teeth. They can also reshape and align misplaced, discolored teeth, and we match the crown color to your natural teeth for a natural look.

At Adelaide Dental by Design, we actively collaborate with commercial dental laboratories to create crowns using various technologies as needed. We also employ cutting-edge digital dentistry for chair-side custom crowns. This technology captures a series of photographs of the prepared tooth and utilises sophisticated software and milling to produce a porcelain restoration in a single appointment. Additionally, we replace old crowns to enhance their appearance.